Tina Maine Coon Kitten


Breed: Maine Coon
Sex: Female
Champion Bloodlines: Yes
Registered: No
Breeding: Spayed/Neutered
Quality: Show Quality


Pastina aka “Tina” is a very fancy girl! She has the most amazing color on her lovely, shaggy coat and, at 10 weeks, already has great size for a Maine Coon female. Her head type is perfect and is complimented by her large ears and beautiful eyes. I just love her adorable expression and her funny, playful personality. When she grows up a bit, we expect she will give us some very special kittens. Buy Maine Coon Kittens Online

We can ship our kitties to all states and Canada contact us for pricing and details. We hope you find room in your heart and home for one of our precious gentle giant babies!!Buy Maine Coon Kittens Online

Maine Coon kittens are handsome, hardy, and built to last. Maine Coons have long, shaggy coats that, with minimal grooming, are relatively easy to manage.

It’s undeniable that most European Maine Coons large size and wild look get them noticed. But our Maine Coon cats and Maine Coon kittens for sale are also adored for their playful personalities and loving devotion.

Our Maine Coon kitten’s keen intellect, big personalities, and ruggedly handsome good looks make our big beautiful beasts seem larger than life. They stand head and shoulders above the rest, make exceptional companions, and Maine Coons make the best family pets.

But is bigger always better? Yes, it is! The best Maine Coon breeders agree that healthy Maine Coon kittens mature into large-sized adult Maine Coon cats by nature. It’s the way nature intended Maine Coons to be.



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