A. Visualize a male Maine Coon cat standing on his or her hind legs, literally placing his nose up and over the kitchen countertops to smell the food we’re preparing! That’s right – these cats are that long! We have had male kittens that tip the scale at over 20 pounds at one-year-old, and females at over 17 pounds. Keep in mind that a kitten’s weight doesn’t necessarily predict the final size and weight of an adult  Maine Coon cat.  As you might imagine, many factors play a role, including diet, portion control, environment, etc.

We can make our best guess, but you just never know. Just like people, kittens are born with a certain growth potential.  When raised in an ideal environment, and provided ultimate diet, they are certainly more likely to reach that potential.

The disposition of a Maine Coon Cat (European or American) is heavily dependent upon the breeder. Since our kittens receive nonstop love and attention, they learn to crave it and are eager to return the affection. This means our kittens will love to be near you at all times, whether that’s laying on your lap while you watch TV, snuggling you in bed, or covering your laptop when you’re trying to work. They’ll even watch for you out the window and race to greet you at the door when you get home. No two cats are the same, but for the most part ours are big, attention-seeking balls of love!

 Since we no longer have a dog in our home, our cats and kittens have no exposure to dogs. However, we have heard from clients that they get along extremely well with dogs and other cats, even ferrets, birds and fish! Much of how well the arrangement will work depends on the introduction process and the dispositions of all other pets involved. Our kittens are very playful and friendly with other animals – and never, ever mean any harm. Entertain and cause mischief, yes, but harm? No!

Well, our eight-year-old son is constantly around them, so our babies have become experts on the subject of little boys. As long as you teach your child to treat all animals with love and respect, everything should be fine. We take this subject very seriously and are always happy to discuss it in detail with anybody interested in one of our kittens.  

when you adopt a kitten from our cattery, you can be 100% certain that you’re getting an exquisite example of the breed.  All of our  Maine Coon kittens will:

  • be spayed or neutered (up to $500 in savings)
  • have had at least three rounds of the FVRCP vaccinations plus Rabies
  • have been micro-chipped with a free life time registration!
  • be used to plenty of love and attention.
  • come with one year Genetic health guarantee
  • have all the instructions for daily care
  • have a gift bag with food and treats and toys and blanket with mother’s sent on it
  • come with a lifetime Breeder support  

If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, it would be my pleasure to answer them! contact us